Time-based Light Installation

Role: Conceptualization, Fabrication

Tools: Arduino, Processing, Mixed media

Collaborator: Barak Chamo, Ellie Lin, Zhe Wang

The inspiration comes to the light refraction of the crystal column, we want to simulate this natural phenomenon with programmed LEDs, meanwhile, we manipulate the LEDs lightening up at different speeds to visualize the time.




We tended to create a light painting to visualize the time and chose different types of iridescent films in order to mix colors for creating “sunset” and “sunrise” effects.

Because of our intention to gather people and provide them with a unique experience, we challenged ourselves to explore the opportunity of designing visual effects that will only be repeated after a while.

Light Effect Testing

Light effects when rotating Light effects when there's a opening Programmed LED Testing

Work in Progress, welcome to check back later : )

Part of content credits to Ellie Lin.