SHANGHAI ARCHITECTURE 上海建筑 (Information Chart)

SHANGHAI Architecture 上海建筑 (Information Chart)

Role: Conceptualization, Design, Illustration.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator.

Collaborator: Jiehao Liu, Shuhong Lin, Keliang Huang, Xianda Hu.

This information chart based on a half-month architecture and culture study trip to Shanghai. Aiming to display the unique architectural style of Shanghai which combines the culture of east and west, meanwhile, provide a visual method for people to know well about the "Shanghai" styles and history. By classifying and screening the architectures' background information in three different categories, we create this information chart.

MIND MAP & visual reference

design contents (shanghai Architecture)

final version

We used Yellow for History, Blue for Landmark, Green for Art to visualize the three types of architectures in Shanghai. This information chart contains a total of 14 Shanghai famous architectures, for instance, modern, traditional, the blending of eastern and western cultures.